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18 June 2010 @ 10:35 pm
I have finally acquired all of Daria on DVD!  Be still, my heart.

In honor of one of the smartest, wittiest, most perfectly imperfect teen girls ever portrayed on television (even if only in animated form), I bring you fanfiction recs:

Card Games, by Kristen Bealer
"Ten year old Daria has a brush with popularity because of...books?"

Sex, Please?! by lupinsmoon12391
"Quinn starts her own club, Helen tries to save the day, Trent gets a job, and Upchuck attempts to join the human race. Character development, much?"

Is Summer Over Already?
by Mike Yamiolkoski
"After a summer of Art Colonies and OK to Cry Corrals, there's still the whole Tom thing to figure out."

The Next Step, by Mike Yamiolkoski
"Like so many of us, Tom has a hard time letting go of Daria..."

Bed and Breakfast Man, by Ruthless Bunny
[As the Daria Wiki puts it, "Trent is forced to move into Daria's dorm room under a flimsy excuse. Wackiness and romance ensues."]

Quiet Girl, by Sleepy Lotus
"Daria and Jane have returned from college for the summer, and Trent is intrigued by the changes found in both his little sister and her best friend."
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