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16 May 2010 @ 01:16 am
Shoujo with a difference  
My running list of shoujo titles that manage to be smart and readable.

Warau Kanoko Sama (Tsujita Ririko)
"Kanoko considers herself a perfect 'observer.' Her hobby is observing the students in her third year junior high class and keeping a journal of the classroom drama. But what will happen when Kanoko becomes involved with some of her classmates?"  [The first chapter's a little rough, and the translation is a bit spotty.  But any Shoujo manga heroine who quotes Thus Spoke Zarathustra is ultimately okay in my book.]

Cyboy (Nishitaka Mai)
"When he was younger, Kujou Kiyosumi was incredibly awkward and nerdy. One day in elementary school, he courageously confessed his love to a girl, but she told him in front of the whole classroom that he was 'disgusting' to be around. Shocked, Kiyosumi asked the coolest guy in the class, Sagiya Maki, to help him become more likable, too. Thus, began the days of training and now in high school, he had finally achieved most popular status alongside Maki. Everything seemed to be going along smoothly until..."  [Take every shoujo high school romance cliche you can think of, and now imagine it enacted from a male perspective.  Highly entertaining.]