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16 May 2009 @ 08:39 pm
Star Trek XI recs  
Just saw the new Star Trek movie last week, and got a kick out of Uhura and Spock as a couple.  Lo and behold, I turn to the internet and am pleasantly surprised by the rapid amount of good fic that's being written about these two.  Here's my growing list of recs, separated out into some semblance of categories.
(Last updated on 28 August 09.)

(For more of this pairing, the Spock/Uhura LJ community is a good place to visit.)

Academy fic:

A series of educational experiences, by mekosuchinae.   (See also Creative Applications.) 
"His studies are insufficient to prepare him for the reality."

Breath, by Doctor Aicha
"He can almost feel his control slipping, and is suddenly and unaccountably sure it’s ponn farr, rather than human desire.  No human emotion could feel like this, could it?"

Lunch and other obscenities, by rheanna27
"Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her."

Silence the world's heartache (for me)
, by wintercreek
"What Spock had discovered upon entering Starfleet Academy was that something, perhaps his Human heritage from his mother, made him particularly sensitive to the Human minds around him."

Prosody, by littlegeekpenguin
"Uhura thinks on the many different components involved in learning a new language. Especially those that are never taught in the classroom."

Putting on Civvies, by tree and leaf
"Vulcan has three second person singulars, of varying degrees of intimacy."

Caesura, by tehlanes
"He gives pause for once. Not to think. To feel."

Figurative Language: Metaphors, part 1
part 2, and part 3, by lira_el.   (See also Figurative Language: Similes).
"Nyota struggles with her attraction to her new friend, Spock."  [Better than the summary.  I love that the last chapter actually uses Vulcan touch-telepathy in a smart, plot-decisive way.  The sequel is also shaping up to be excellent.] 

Things Unspoken, by fifmeister
"On the first day of Advanced Phonology class, Nyota Uhura is one of the only students willing to look Spock in the eye."

A series of first times, by luxuria oceanus
[Just as the the title describes.]

Customary, by hula kula
"How it began."

Decode, by shylace
"Underneath all this ice then, she ponders, there is a furnace."

Speaking in Tongues
, by monimala.  (See also The Seven Year Itch, and Reason and Rhyme.)
"The first time she earns one of Commander Spock's rare smiles, she knows she's chosen the right path."

Three Times Uhura Said No, Two Times Uhura Said Yes, And Once When She Didn’t Get the Chance, by stoplookingup
"Uhura's had her share of interesting encounters; they don't always go according to plan."

What Vulcans Do
, by huffleit  (See also What Humans Do.)
"Commander Spock and Cadet Uhura must decide what path their relationship will take in the future." 

A Mutual Feeling, by jncar
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4
"The evolution of a harmless crush into one of the most important relationships of Uhura's life."

Break, part 1, part 2, and part 3, by yahtzee63
"During their final semester at Starfleet Academy, two people who have no intention of ever changing transform each other."

Human relationships: Friendship, part 1, part 2, and part 3, by jncar
"After leaving Vulcan, Spock encounters many kinds of Human friendship. However, what he has yet to learn is that not all friendships are as innocent as they at first seem."

What's in a Name? by Your Worshipfulness (ongoing)
"Everyone wants to know how they met. Here are nine ways Spock didn't meet Nyota--and the one way he did."  [Number three has to be my favorite so far.  Hooray for Gaila's gift of trashy romance novels!]

This State of Almost-Romance
, by featheredraven
"Days will stretch out into the future, and nothing will change because neither one will make the next step in this almost-romance."  [Lyrical and beautiful.]

Miscommunication, by salr323
[Spock and Uhura, with hints of Jane Austen.]

Like the Stars, Like Your Destiny
, by anodyna
"Nyota Uhura has always been drawn to things that resist her understanding. Finding out she's lived her entire life in an alternate reality is a mystery she's not sure she can solve. Sleeplessness and self-examination ensue."  [Lyrical and perfect.]

Academy, in-a-relationship fics.  Rated M, as many romantic relationships are.

Letting go, by inell
"She wishes that he'd occasionally take the initiative."

The Language of his Body, by calicokat
"Uhura and Spock in a private moment."  [Actually the prologue to what looks to be an amazing, epic fic about the entire Enterprise crew, but it's good on its own as well.]

Movie and post-movie, life on the Enterprise.

Ad Astra, by taraljc
[Fills in some important gaps in the movie's depiction of the Spock/Uhura relationship.]

We drift deeper (as the rush comes), by jadediva
" Being in a relationship in space does lead to a fair share of fascinating circumstances.  Spock reflects on his relationship with Uhura on the Enterprise."

Contingency, by
"Nyota appreciates subtleties, and Spock's run deep."

Oh Two Hundred, by mekosuchinae
"'I'm working on it,' she said, already thinking of how to explain transporter technology to someone who might not know what it was in a language she had thought dead not two hours ago."

Discipline, by taraljc
"Never let it be said that Nyota Uhura doesn't know how to have fun."

A Most Dismissive Manner, by jedibuttercup
" 'You are fond of him,' Spock accuses her one day out of nowhere, as they sit in the officer's mess taking a meal together."

The Logic of Pajamas, by jncar
"Nyota thinks pajamas are illogical. Spock disagrees."

Nyumbani, by siriaeve
"She brings him to see her home."

Linguistics 101, or, Thirteen ways to say I love you, by loneraven
"Vulcan and human cultural differences."

Comedy of Errors, by Eclectic Muse (ongoing)
"Spock's decision to leave the Enterprise for the new Vulcan colony has far-reaching consequences for the crew."  [Only one chapter up so far, but this looks promising.]

Knowing is Half the Battle, by calexical
[Written in answer to this prompt.  NOT work safe!]

Body-swap, by bluemoon02
"Two years after their break up, Uhura is painfully reminded of how much Spock meant to her when a transporter malfunction places her in Spock's body."

Of Two Worlds, by yahtzee63
"Spock has the opportunity to choose between the Prime universe and his own."

Into the future

Malaika, by tehlanes
"They are both fully aware of his shortcomings. But in moments like these, Nyota is amazed by how little it truly matters."

The Opposite of Logic, by Kristen Elizabeth
"I do not believe I have ever hurt anyone as much as I have hurt her, Jim."

The Second Child, by mekosuchinae
"Like most children, Amanda entertained a certain fondness for stories about herself."

And finally, some Gen fic:

Vulcan Science Academy, by yahtzee63
[Sarek, Amanda, wee Spock!]

Divergent, by tosca1390
"Jim had seen too much of the life he’d never lead. He hadn’t had a chance to think about it until now."

New, and stumbling forward, by karanguni
"After Vulcan, Spock recovers his footing."

How to win friends and influence Vulcans, by Green
"Having a best friend who didn't know he was your best friend was frustrating. That did not, however, deter Kirk."  [Spock + Kirk friendship.]

How to avoid kicking puppies and other valuable lessons in leadership, by sparky77
[Kirk tries to be an authority figure.]

Ten thousand half-opened doors
, by _seven_crows
"I didn't know ribs even could bruise."

A formal dance in the bowling alley, by loneraven
"Here are some things that James Tiberius Kirk, Captain, does not understand about the Enterprise and her crew."

To the Enterprise: of warp barriers, captains, and other scary things, by karanguni
"Mr. Spock's eyes flick towards the blatantly huge and complicated (and exciting) and blatantly huge mathematical and engineering schematics on the console screen. Chekov can practically see the cogs in Mr. Spock's mind whirr - he is very, very fast at telemetry, which means there is probably no getting around the fact that what they have here is a plan to break the current warp speed record into many small pieces. Pavel wonders if that is the only thing that will be broken."

Off the Old Block, by rawles
"I don't want that to be my story."  [Joanna McCoy visits the Enterprise.]

Seven Moments, by barrowjane
"Seven times the crew of the Enterprise meet the Endless. Thus, Star Trek XI/Sandman crossover."